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About Zaha Hadid Foundation

The Zaha Hadid Foundation (ZHF) is a charitable organisation founded in 2013 by the globally renowned architect, designer, and artist Zaha Hadid. Fully launched in 2022, the founding purpose of ZHF is to preserve and make publicly available the full range of Zaha’s extraordinary output, and more broadly to advance research, learning, and the enjoyment of related areas of modern architecture, art, and design. ZHF supports young people and students from diverse and complex backgrounds in their quest to become architects, designers, and scholars. 

ZHF is based in London and has a collection of c.15,000 works across a range of media as well as an archive and a research library. Its headquarters – including exhibition gallery and public events space - are at 10 Bowling Green Lane, Clerkenwell, the location of Zaha Hadid’s office from 1985 until her death.  

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