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The Zaha Hadid Foundation aims to foster learning and enjoyment of Zaha’s life and work and areas of modern architecture, design, and connected disciplines that relate to her. The public programmes will include talks and events at all learning levels.  The Foundation will work in partnership with schools, colleges and universities on creative learning projects, including architecture and design practice, curatorship and scholarship in contemporary, historical, and theoretical aspects of architecture, art and design. 

In particular, the Foundation is committed to supporting young people from diverse backgrounds in their quest to become architects and designers. ZHF recognises the economic, cultural and social barriers in front of many young people. It is committed to increasing diversity and inclusivity in the architectural profession and to finding practical ways to address this. 

In its first phase of development, the Foundation is working with several higher education partners in support of its mission. Further information on learning opportunities and projects will be posted here in the future. 


In 2023, we funded 10 places for promising A-Level students from diverse backgrounds to access Drawing Matter’s 2023 Architectural Summer School. We also expanded Open City’s 2023/4 Accelerate Programme in London and Birmingham, with a grant that supports its free design, education and mentoring schemes for young people from underrepresented groups.

In addition, we support research projects which advance knowledge of Zaha Hadid and her work, including practice-research. In 2023, for example, we awarded a grant to the Artists’ Commissions Programme at the Contemporary Arts Centre (CAC) in Cincinnati, USA, as part of its major exhibition on Zaha’s legacy. The grant was allocated to Iraqi artist Rand Abdul Jabbar (b. Baghdad, 1990) to support her series of on-site installations inspired by Zaha, Tektōn (after Zaha, after Malevich).

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