Architects Talks: Bushra Mohamed

Bushra Mohamed, Director of Msoma Architects, talked about how the practice draws inspiration from architecture found on the African Continent, learning from its inherent use of sustainable materials, intelligent adaptable vernacular technologies and community-focused spatial models.

Reflecting the expansive ethos of the studio, projects discussed explored archival histories of migration and belonging across varied scales from the urban public realm to built artifact and curation.

Bushra Mohamed is an architect, academic and writer. She is the Director of Msoma Architects, a Nairobi & London-based studio that centers diasporic identities, cultures and people within the built environment. Msoma, Swahili for reader, epitomises the architects’ role, a person who studies and learns from contexts, peoples, materials, and climates to create future expressions of space.

Bushra grew up between Kenya and the UK. She teaches at various institutions, including the University of Cambridge, London School of Architecture and Kingston School of Art. In 2020, she was named an RIBA Rising Star.